The Characterization and Analysis of Time Series (CATS) Method
Bruce Small's B.Sc. (Psychology) Thesis:

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    Main Document (in *.doc WORD97)
    Figure 3 (in *.pdf)
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Thesis Poster:

    120 cm x 115 cm Colour Poster in *.pdf

Bruce's Other 4th Year Essays:

      Aversion to Narrative, Disclosure
          and Emotional Expression:
          A Challenge in Therapy?

      A Critical View on
          Internalized Oppression

      Fiction is an Essential Factor
          in Human Psychology

      Albert Ellis and Rational
          Emotive Behavior Therapy

Bruce's Websites:

    Psychotherapy Home Page
    Planetary Management Now
    Small & Rubin Ltd.

R Programs:

   1. Characterization Routine Development:

       Testing Routine for Curve Shape Classification
       ReadMe for Curve Shape Testing Routine
       Sample R Graphic Output from Routine
       Sample R Console Output from Routine

   2. Mathematical Model Generator Routine Development:

       Mathematical Model Generator Routine
       ReadMe for Mathematical Model Generator Routine
       Sample R Graphic Output from Generator Routine
       Sample R Console Output from Generator Routine

   3. Routines for Illustrations in Thesis:

       Fig. 1, Page 5 (see discussion p. 79)
       Fig. A1, Page 35 (see discussion p. 79)
       Fig. A2, Page 36 (see discussion p. 80)
       Fig. A3, Page 37 (see discussion p. 80)
       Fig. A4, Page 38 (see discussion p. 81)
       Fig. A5, Page 45 (see discussion p. 82)
       Fig. A6, Page 52 (see discussion pp. 82-83)
       Fig. A7, Page 54 (see discussion pp. 83-84)

Resume and Co-ordinates:

    Bruce M. Small Resume
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