Alliances in Cyberspace

With the advent of the Internet and the World Wide Web, some things have become possible that would have been unheard of before. One of the biggest changes is the opportunity to make alliances that were difficult if not impossible to forge in previous times.

What it is about cyberspace that allows this? Perhaps it is the security of knowing that you and your organization can retain your own identity, image and physical location, while at the same time partnering in multiple combinations in "virtual space". Perhaps it is the medium itself -- it is superbly adapted to providing ways of linking two names, for either a short or a long period, without costing a lot. And the communication necessary to establish, nurture and develop such alliances is also easy and economical via the Internet.

So why make alliances in cyberspace? To reach larger audiences, and to provide more products and services to existing constituencies. To get things done that can't or haven't been done well in isolation. To combine complementary skills to make our work and our lives easier. In the years to come there will be thousands of Internet alliances, for hundreds of different purposes.

Technology and Health Foundation is busy creating alliances that will spur the world towards doing better things for human health and for the ecology around us that we are such an integral part of. We are working in sustainability, energy efficiency, indoor and outdoor air quality and environmental health, to advance these and other related fields and to bring tangible, co-ordinated solutions forward that people everywhere can implement.

To do this, we need to prepare new kinds of infrastructure in this strange and unfamiliar cyberspace world. We are developing virtual communities and free public databases that will deliver everything the world needs to know, to get on a better track towards environmental health and sustainability of the planetary biosphere and our own human activities within it. To accomplish this, we are assembling an alliance of committed individuals and organizations whose resources and skills will combine to make this vision become a practical part of everyday life in short order. This Technology and Health Alliance is welcoming both founders and supporters who are interested in using cyberspace to bring about healthier environments in the real world.