Technology and Health Alliance is a coalition of nonprofit, commercial and government organizations along with individual world citizens working in sustainability, energy efficiency, indoor and outdoor air quality and environmental health, dedicated to advancing these and other related fields and to bringing tangible, coordinated solutions forward that people everywhere can implement.

The Alliance is preparing new kinds of infrastructure which will take advantage of the "cyberspace world" of the Internet, to bring about healthier environments in the real world. We are developing virtual communities and free public data-bases that will deliver everything the world needs to know, to get on a better track towards environmental health and sustainability of the planetary biosphere and our human activities within it.

Technology and Health Alliance is welcoming both founders and supporters who are interested in using the best aspects of communications technology to bring about the healthiest of worlds. We need each interested individual and organization to commit their resources and skills to make this vision become a practical part of everyday life around the world.

Advantages of being a founder or supporter of the Technology and Health Alliance includes public visibility of your organization in connection with advanced world health and environment issues and solutions. To become part of the "Founder's Circle", contact Howard Rubin, Chair of Technology and Health Foundation to discuss your preferred role, the level and nature of your resource or in-kind commitment, your written endorsement and your desired degree of visibility (or anonymity) as a Founder.

To become a "Supporter", pick a support category from among the following (Patron - $25,000+, Benefactor - $20,000-$24,999, Sponsor - $15,000-$19,999, Contributor - $10,000-$14,999, Ally - $5,000-$9,999, Sustaining Member - $1,000-$4,999, Contributing Member - $500-$999, and Member - $1-$499) or propose an alternate skill-based, endorsement or in-kind form of support. Then contact Howard Rubin for further instructions and to discuss your desired degree of visibility.

To become a "Media Partner", "Financial Industry Partner" or "Communications Partner", please also contact Howard Rubin to discuss your proposal for participation.