Our Purpose:

The Foundation for Independent Research on Technology and Health is a non-profit corporation and registered Canadian charity devoted to educational purposes in the field of environmental health. It is an affiliate of the Centre for Health Promotion of the University of Toronto, which in turn is a WHO Collaborating Centre. Formed in March, 1983, the Foundation focuses on assessing the effects of new technologies on health, both positive and negative.

Since the beginning of the new millenium, Technology and Health Foundation has specialized in fostering Internet database systems that will assist various sectors of society in making decisions that will lead to healthier environments for human beings, including indoor building environments. In addition, the Foundation has created productive alliances with other organizations to accomplish mutual goals.

One major project underway in collaboration with other nonprofit organizations such as Pollution Probe is HealthySchools.com, which is an Internet database and networking site designed to assist Ontario school boards and parents in creating healthier school environments for students and staff.

Together, the people networks and Internet resources that are being jointly created by Technology and Health Foundation and others will help to connect the many people and organizations that affect our human environments, and to assist them and inspire them to make positive changes in our environments, to the benefit of human health.