Essays and Assignments Produced at OISE by Bruce Small
First Term (September-December 2012):

Deconstructing MCS (in *.pdf Adobe Acrobat), an assignment for the Survivors of Trauma course conducted by Dr. Bonnie Burstow.

Using Conscious Self-Integration in my Practice (in *.pdf Adobe Acrobat), an essay for the Theory and Techniques of Counselling course taught by Dr. Becky Liddle.

Reflections on Transformative Learning (in *.pdf Adobe Acrobat), a summary, an epic poem, and two essays produced for the Transformative Learning course led by Dr. Edmund O'Sullivan.

New Careers at Retirement Age (in *.pdf Adobe Acrobat), an essay for Career Counselling and Development: Transitions in Adulthood, a course presented by Prof. Charles Chen.

Second Term (January-April 2013):

Third Term (May-June 2013):

Second Year (September 2013 - May 2014):

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